Free Daily Workouts

Swimplan offers a Free service and a Premium service.

With a Free account, Swimplan offers a free personalised swim workout every day. You do not need a credit card to join.

Swimplan Premium

For more choices and additional features (see table) you can upgrade to Swimplan Premium at any time. When you first join, we give you a free 7-day trial of the Swimplan Premium service. If you choose not to upgrade, your account will automatically revert to a Free account at the end of your trial.

If you upgrade your account during the 7-day free trial you won’t lose any days. Your Swimplan Premium subscription starts the day after your free trial ends.

Swimplan Premium features include:

Choice of workouts

Remove the daily limit of one workout per day and choose workouts you like best to add to your weekly schedule.

Use your equipment

Include your equipment such as pull buoy, fins and paddles in your workouts.

Workout focus

Select a workout focus such as a particular stroke or workout intensity.

Swimming drills

Include swimming drills in your workouts and view short demonstration videos.


Save your favorite workouts and reschedule them in the future.

Get Swimplan Premium

Just $2.50* per month

* 12 month subscription, billed annually. Prices in USD.