Everyone who swims in a pool should swim with a workout.

Swimplan.com calculates target times using your Critical Swim Speed and automatically creates workouts using your preferences including the equipment you use and the strokes you like to swim.

If you are not swimming in a squad or under the instruction of a swim coach then this site is for you.

Workout Preferences

Choose your workout focus, distance and equipment. If you want variety, let Swimplan.com mix it up.

Personalize your swim workout with strokes, equipment and drills


Designed for viewing on any device and printer-friendly so you can leave your phone in your locker.

Sample Workout

Mobile device and printer friendly

Schedule Workouts

Generate up to 7 days of workouts at a time and monitor your progress as you complete them.

Schedule up to 2 weeks of swim workouts

Activity Videos

View descriptions and videos for workout activities.

View descriptions and videos for workout activities

Rick Wells MBE

"Most people swim endless laps by themselves - and it's really difficult to stay focused.
Get a Swimplan workout and get on track to meeting your goals."

Consultant Swim Coach
World Champion Triathlete

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Swimplan.com is designed primarily for Intermediate swimmers – those who know how to swim but want to get more out of their pool sessions. Whether you are training for a triathlon or swimming for fitness you will really benefit from having a personalized workout.

Give your pool sessions some structure, swim further, stay focussed and enjoy your workouts even more. Turn your pool sessions into a workout using Swimplan.com

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