2600m Speed
Warm Up 200m (repeat x 2)
1 x 50m Backstroke Swim
1 x 50m Freestyle Swim
Build Up 600m
2 x 50m Freestyle Single Arm by Side (6 left / 6 right / 6 both)
2 x 50m Freestyle Catch-Up
2 x 50m Freestyle Finger Trail
2 x 50m Freestyle Lateral Kick
2 x 50m Freestyle Head-Up / Head-Down 4 Strokes
Time 01:15s/100m Rest Interval 00:10s
Core 1600m
4 x 100m Freestyle Swim (Interval Set) with Paddles
Leave on 01:20s Intervals
4 x 50m Backstroke Swim (Effort)
Time 00:35s/50m Rest Interval 00:30s
2 x 200m Freestyle Pull with Pull Buoy
Pace 00:20/25m Time 02:30s/200m Rest Interval 00:15s
4 x 100m Freestyle Swim (Progressive) with Fins
Time 01:15 / 01:10 / 01:05 / 01:00s Rest Interval 00:20s
8 x 25m IM 6 Strokes
Time 00:35s/25m Rest Interval 00:20s
Warm Down 200m
1 x 200m Choice

Consult your doctor before undertaking any new exercise program. Swimplan workouts are only suggestions and you can choose what to swim. Do not swim workouts that you consider too difficult.