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Fitness and Training

Stay motivated and enjoy your training sessions

If you swim between 1200 and 3000 metres/yards during a 60 minute session you will LOVE Swimplan. You will really enjoy the variety and challenge of our programs. You'll get out of the pool feeling fantastic, not just because you have had a good workout, but because you have completed your program. You'll feel even better when you exceed your previous target times for a particular set, or when you notice your stroke has improved after trying a new drill.


A common misconception is that learning to swim with an efficient technique is difficult to achieve. Most beginner triathletes believe the swimming component is the most challenging and difficult part of the sport, requiring both stamina and skill. While technique is important for all disciplines, it is especially important for swimming. Swimming with a good technique can pay huge dividends including increased confidence, using less energy during the swim component and better race times. A swimmer with an efficient stroke will often come out of the water ahead of a fitter competitor who swims with a less-efficient technique.

Like any sport, the more you practice, the better you will get. There are some land-based activities you can do but getting in the water is the best way to improve.

However, you needn't swim endless laps. Swimming with a program designed for your level makes the workout far more interesting and enjoyable. Use Swimplan during your pool sessions to help improve your technique and become a stronger swimmer. No matter what level you are, Swimplan has workouts to suit.


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