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Swim further and improve your swimming technique

Most novice swimmers don't know how swim efficiently. They swim short distances, get tired, stop to rest and when recovered, repeat the process. Their swimming is anaerobic which means they have to stop frequently for long rest periods. The great news for beginners is that you can improve very quickly.

Swimplan is all about swimming aerobically i.e. continuously. Swimming your own personalised program (a different one every day) makes Swimplan a really fun exercise routine. What other sport gives you such variety? It's like having your own personal trainer telling you what to do at the pool every day... and every day it's something different.

Swimplan will provide you with personalised worksouts, fine-tuned to your level of swimming. Your workouts will include drills to help you improve your swimming technique and help you move more efficiently through the water. The sets will help to increase your swimming endurance. Soon you will be swimming lap after lap without having to stop for long rests.


Swimplan use drills to teach certain aspects of a swimming stroke. Drills over-emphasis part of a technique and require that you concentrate on a particular part of the stroke. There are hundreds of drills. Some examples include "Lateral Kick" which emphasises the body rolling on the side to help breathing, "Finger Trail" which emphasises a relaxed arm recovery and "Stretch and Glide" which helps to reduce the number of strokes you have to take.

Swimming Sets

A set is a group of distances such as 4 x 100, 2 x 300 or 8 x 25. Sets help swimmers pace themselves. Some are designed for swimming quickly while others are designed for endurance. Swimplan uses a wide variety of sets to help keep you motivated.

Get a coach

Swimplan is an online swimming resource, not a coaching service. The best way to improve your swimming technique is to seek advise from a qualified swim coach. You will probably find a swim coach at your local pool who will be able to advise you how to improve your stroke based on your current swimming ability and your swimming objectives.


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