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Everyone should swim with a workout

Swimming in a pool without a workout is like going to the gym without a training plan.

Why swim with a Swimplan workout?
You will be able to answer this question yourself after your first session! It's fun, it's engaging, it's motivating. You will swim further, you will improve your technique, you will swim more efficiently and you will enjoy your time in the pool far more by focussing on your workout, rather than simply swimming lap after lap.

Structured workouts
Like all fitness plans Swimplan workouts are structured. Each workout starts with a Warm-up to get your muscles warm.

The Build-up that follows usually includes swimming drills to help improve your technique. There are hundreds of drills that isolate various aspects of the swimming stroke, allowing you to concentrate and learn how to swim faster and more efficiently.

The main part of the workout is the Core, comprised of set distances, strokes and rest times. Some sets prescribe specific target or interval times, based on information you record. For example, you might get a workout that includes a 6 x 50 Freestyle set with accurate target times and rest periods for each 50. Each workout ends with a short Warm-down.

The best way to view the structure and see how the workouts are dynamically created and personalized for you is to register and get your own workout. It only takes a few minutes to register - and it's FREE!

Supported pool lengths
Swimplan works for the following common pool lengths: 50m, 50yd, 25m, 25yd, 33m, 33yd.


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